Monday, September 07, 2009

If I could just live in the bathroom.

You guys know I always go out to breakfast on the weekends. So, I don't have to go over that bit of detail. Same routine today.

When we were finished, Mr S. left to go to the restroom, I go to pay the check.

A minute or so later he meets up with me at the cashier and tells me he has a story to tell me when we get out of the restaurant. This of course makes me excited. If he can't tell me the story right there, it must be good.

When we are safely in the car - he tells me the following.

Him - "So, I'm in the bathroom at the urinals, and there's a black guy in the urinal next to me. He's about my age" (mid .. late 40s) (I don't know why that matters, but it is part of the story) Mr S. goes on to say "the guy violates urinal etiquette by starting up a conversation with me while we're peeing."

The man says to Mr S. "Man, Sometimes I wish I could just live here and forget the rest of the world. "

Mr S. asks - "Here in the restaurant? Or here in the bathroom?" Expecting him to say the restaurant.

The man answers - "Here in the bathroom." Which surprises Mr S.

He replies - "Oh... okay." After thinking about it for a second Mr S says "well... I guess if you have your cellphone you could just call into the kitchen and have food delivered here to the bathroom."

With a straight face, Mr S. says the man replied "I tried that once. My wife found out and she got mad. "

The man washes his hands and as he is leaving the man says "Hey, life sucks sometimes."

It wasn't even like it was a fabulous bathroom. It was just your average diner.


  1. *blink*



    Bathroom escapsim?! O. M. G.




  2. I know! Maybe he was being held hostage, and was sending a subtle message that he needed rescue. Because, I can think of about a trillion places I'd rather hole away the time - than in a public mens' room.

    It might make for an interesting blog though.