Saturday, September 05, 2009

The arts.

Today I was up at the Sausalito Art Festival today. I'm not that crazy about my shots, but it's not that unusual for that to happen. Especially artsy stuff. Getting a good shot at these things has a high level of dificulty, because they aren't there to let me take great shots. They are there to sell art.

So they have all sorts of crap in the shot making it hard to make things look nice. So, this is all you get for now. And, of course I asked 5 million artists for their cards, but this is the only artist I can't credit, because I don't know who it is.

When Mr S. just now walked into the room I said the following.

Me - Mr.S, I hate my shots. It isn't even that I don't like them - I hate them.

Him - Okay.

Me - What? Why do you say it that way?

Him - You'll feel better later. You always hate your shots.

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