Saturday, September 12, 2009

6am wakeup.

Back to bed.


  1. Awesome picture!! It's been rumbling and flashing here off and on for the last couple of hours. Right now it's darker outside than it was at 8:00 AM. Love it. :)

    P.S.: How is Jeff? Laid eggs yet?

  2. Thanks! I've been wanting to get lightening for so long. Cali almost never gets lightening. Pretty much everyone in town was up at 6.

    The funny thing is, about half the people I talked to today thought it might have been an earthquake. Even Mr S. who is a midwest transplant.

    That's how uncommon lightening is. My response was "if you think a little rumbling is an earthquake over thunder, you've acclimated to california. In the midwest that wouldn't even get you out of bed.

    And as the sun came up the sky was this amazing sherbert color.

    Jeff - still alive. Will give an update soon. It's been hectic. She laid eggs two days ago. Mr S. said some of them die about a week after. But she seems to doing okay so far. Will post pictures soon.