Friday, March 07, 2008

My thoughts for today - with pictures!

One -

I know for sure I'm being punished for being a depressed teenage girl. For the past three days alpha contractor has been playing the exact same song. For three days people! Over and over and over. And it has only one verse. I'm not shitting you. Something about letting go and praying. It reminds me a lot of how Pictures of You from The Cure sounds. But with much less music and much more of a Robert Smith sounding guy. It's just making me crazy. Would someone who is intolerant as I'm suppose to be put up with this? No - I think not. Yet.. for three days I have. I suck.

Two -

One of my contractors went to find work in Tex-ass. Yes.. that's right. I'm not being illiterate. I call it Tex-ass.

Anyway - he flew in today and came right to my job site. I don't know if that just means he needs money or what. Double anyway. He's been working his ass off in Tex-ass prepping houses. He said the builders over there hire three teams. One to build the houses. One to prep. And one for repairs. For all the shit the other teams screw up.

Good information to know while I'm working myself to death to try and get guys to fix things they screw up.

-----Ready for some pictures?-----

The sea of beige.

I guess I didn't take many pictures of the way the old bathroom looked. There wasn't anything remarkably wrong with it. Except for the yellow tub.

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