Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Saturday afternoon poll question.

Yeah - I'm trying to build a weekend following. So, tomorrow while all you guys are spiked on Peeps and hard boiled eggs - I'm hoping you can help me with the following question.

If you like granite - do you like it because it looks pretty. Or do you like it because "oooh- it's granite. That's faaancy"?

This is the reason I ask. Granite kinda bothers me. It looks like a whole bunch of lunch-meaty weirdness. Like olive load. Or head cheese. I'm more of a slate kind of girl.

Anyway - I personally don't think most people can tell million dollar granite from two dollar granite. I think most people walk into a house and get the vapors just having granite in it.

I also think there is a bunch of bullshittery involved in the whole granite business. And - let me tell you why.

When trying to figure out the answer this question on my own. I ran across a company in my town who sold granite slabs. At first I was somewhat intrigued because the site said they were female owned.

It is pretty unusual - but I'm not going to go all "girl power". One - because I hate that phrase. But two, I don't give business based on that criteria. I just want good work. I don't care who/what you are. I was still willing to go check out the showroom though. I didn't know there was a place so local to buy slabs. So, why not?

Until - I read on their website that she'd been flown to Washington DC and received the Businesswoman of the Year" Award. Met President Bush, and the congressional committee. Which I guess is great. But - it makes me think they are really going to inflate the price of their product. How would I know? Even I can't tell the difference between billion dollar granite and two dollar granite.

All I want is counter tops! I don't care if she met Nelson Mandela.


  1. I'm someone who couldn't tell the difference so I'd say go with what you like best.

    I once had some very dark countertops in a sort of black and white stone (to be honest I have no idea if they were granite or what really) and I quite liked them. They did make the room look quite dark but this place was teamed with a bluey-grey paintwork theme (rental place). I think your wooden cupboards would look lovely with the slate.

    ps - I have never heard of olive loaf or head cheese before - let me just say 'omg!'

  2. "I'm someone who couldn't tell the difference so I'd say go with what you like best. "

    Unfortunately - I can't go with what I like best. Because, I'd go with dark counter tops. I like that best. But every single person in my area I ask says to go with tan granite. Which is at it is lunchmeatiest best. But- maybe its just me. Maybe a ton of people like that. I don't know.

    This is why I reaching out to my readers. Who mostly aren't in my area, but are an interesting bunch. And I think less biased in my favor.

    Maybe other people can tell the difference between granite.

  3. Well, I don't know but personally I'd think something tan coloured would be too bland for my taste. If you had different coloured cupboards perhaps but I still think the slate would look nice :)

  4. I can tell you that Consumer Reports rated granite as good (3 on a scale of 1 - 5) for resistance to stains, versus 5 (excellent) for quartz.

    Granite rated better at resistance to impact (5, versus 3).

    Since you can get engineered stone (quartz) in colors not known to nature, and since you don't have to seal it (and reseal, and reseal), I myself wouldn't take granite as a gift. But then I'm not redoing things. Yet.

    (When I do, it won't be with granite, which I associate with headstones and A Prayer for Owen Meany.)

  5. That was actually really helpful. I like the color consistency much better with quartz.

  6. I'm a big believer in Consumer Reports, since they buy more of anything in a given year than I will in my lifetime.

    And now you can subscribe to the online version, far easier to search in.

    In terms of the countertops, they give enough considerations for you to make up your own mind, intelligently. E.g., you may care more about impact than about stain, but at least you're aware of the tradeoffs.