Friday, March 21, 2008

Like watching paint dry.

It looks like my day might be screwed. Mr S. in hunting down nails for the nail gun - and I'm stuck waiting for UPS to deliver our repaired coffee maker.

Yeah - that's right. There are some seriously important things in life. And one of them is waiting on UPS to deliver the gift of nectar.

Today though - I started to become a little giddy about the crapshack wrapping up. Not because I can rest - although, that is really appealing. Now, I can get back to the things I love most. Maker Faire. Robot shows. And all that those other geeky events that happen from here to summer.


  1. Repaired coffeemaker, eh? Was it a Bunn, by chance?

  2. No.. a Jura. Why?

    They were actually pretty good about the repair. Good customer service. They replaced all the guts.

    I wish all my customer service experiences were as good. But being without my machine did suck. And slightly dangerous for all around me. ;)