Monday, March 03, 2008

I'm -so- done.

I was going to post about other stuff today - but crapshack neighbors have me in a complete tizzy.

I got to the house this morning, and they had left me a love note. It was full of capital letters and exclamation marks. I expected dirty looks and spitting on my grave - but even so... the letter took me by surprise.

This morning I was in a "don't care - don't care" mode. This afternoon I think I went into bargaining mode. And the whole thing started to really bum be out.

This is the thing - even though I complain a lot, I really go out of my way to be nice. Given two choices. Doing the thing I want to do - which is be mean, and doing the nice thing - I will always suck it up and do the nice thing. It probably also involves a lot of cursing and saying "goddamn it- I hate being nice". I'm not a saint. You didn't think I was. Right? But, I still wind up doing the nice thing.

So anyway - after conferring with all my people. The men decidedly said I should have kept my fing mouth shut. The women all proclaimed I hit a nerve - and someone over there is a closet drinker. Whatever.

I just don't even care at this point. But apparently I am now in a full blown neighbor war. Which sucks.

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