Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Does everyone really want to be the same?

I finally gave into the sea of beige trend. I should have some updated pictures of the crapshack within the next couple of days. But - this has spawned a whole set of questions about the color beige. It is like a cloud that follows me.

Tile guy says - "it's a good thing you chose beige for this bathroom. Everyone in this city seems to like everything really simple - and beige". In Sacramento everything is different. They like marble and very ornate over the top tile. You can't get away with that in this city. You should give people what they want. Beige."

Me - But if everything is beige - what distinguishes your house from every other house?

Realtor friend - Nothing! And they like it that way.

I asked these same questions to Mr S. who replied - everyone wants to be the same, but a little better than you. But not too much better as to stand out.

I'm finding all these comments a little hard to believe. But then I started thinking about the Weeds song. Now I'm starting to waiver.

Do you think as a society we have gotten to a stage where people just feel more comfortable just being the same? Because, I'm starting to have flashback from those really old sci-fi movies where people wore those unitards that were usually white or grey. But - since reality doesn't always mirror sci-fi - the uni's would be beige instead.

It isn't even like I'm trying to make things off the wall. Just something slightly individualistic. But I have to admit.... everyone is getting to me. Maybe I should just choose beige for everything. Which really takes the rest of the fun out of flipping a house. Anyone can just install beige tile, carpet, walls, and granite. There must be someone crying out for something that isn't the color beige. Right?

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