Sunday, March 30, 2008

My brain thinks it's funny to screw with me.

This past summer, one of my neighbors had some exotic hardwood floor installed in their house. When she told me that it cost them 10,000 dollars to have it installed - I remember thinking to myself "boy - you got screwed"!

Now, I'm not so sure. This floor in the crapshack has to be one of the hardest projects we've ever done. And that's saying a lot. We put in a floor on the diagonal once.

Today we were installing the hallway that leads to the kitchen, entry way, living room, and dining room. I certainly did not appreciate what a pain in the ass this space would be. You have basically four rooms that are in direct sight of the others. With walls that are not straight.

We'd gotten about 5 rows in by this afternoon and I became convinced we'd strayed about an inch from where we needed to be. It was completely like a Zollner illusion. Which also put me on tilt. I was becoming more and more convinced I'd have to rip those rows out. After measuring. Then remeasuring. And finally just having to put down the remaining 6 rows without nailing them down - Mr S. was able to convince me that we were still on track. But, that sucked up a ton of time. And its super annoying. We've only gotten about 10 out of 30 boxes installed. I so hate that floor.

10,000 bucks? That sounds just about right.

I would have taken pictures today, but I still had my IR lens on. Yesterday when I tried to take pictures, my batteries were dead. I'm having a bad camera time.

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