Sunday, March 02, 2008

I thought it was a pistil - not a peestall.

Today - we went to the Pacific Orchid Expo in San Fransisco. I'll write more about that tomorrow. But for tonight, I just had to bring you the one thing you were missing your whole lives.


A whole line of orchid urinals. That's right. You heard me.

By now - you are convinced I'm joking. Right? Here are actual people to prove to you that I'm not.


  1. I'm all for a decorative urinal - I mean, why not? - but the orchid design is eerily female genital-like. Why someone would design a place to pee that is also a symbol of the vagina area is beyond me. Did you stumble upon a closeted fetish exhibition?

  2. Looking at the 2nd to last shot, it looks like Ron Howard's grown his hair back and become a orchid fancier. Keeping with the spirit of your post, I suppose I should have said to look at the "pee-nultimate" picture, huh?


  3. Ha ha hah. Yeah. I can kind of see that.