Thursday, March 13, 2008

What part of I don't care - don't you understand?

Just a quick update - as I find myself in the city tomorrow. San Fransisco - if you were wondering. I'm not crazy about it. I'm super exhausted. I laid two tile floors this week, and grouted one today. I'm tired. Tired - I tell you.

I have a lot of shopping for the crapshack this weekend. So there should be a bunch of bitchin and moaning.

In other news - Murder Mecca called me up again. You can read about last time in my new Jury Duty tag. I'm still getting called in my maiden name. Which means I shall be expecting a summons in my married name soon. I don't understand why I can't get them to stop summonsing me twice.

Well, honestly I don't get why they won't stop summonsing me at all. Probably just to fuck with me. I don't know the death count for Murder Mecca right now - but I'm betting it is a lot.

In crapshack news. My soul is up for debate again. Supposedly I'm to be judged by seven flavors of BBQ sauce. Or something. Just when I think Alpha contractor and I have an understanding about me not giving a shit about where my soul winds up - he feels the need to give me the good old religious guilt.

I think he is profoundly confused as to why I'm not affected by it. It is really frustrating - and to tell you the truth, if he wasn't such a kick ass craftsman, I'd stop being inclined to put up with it.

Personally I don't understand why he can't grasp the concept that I'd rather concentrate on making the best of this life. If I'm wrong. I'm not concerned with where I'm going. I'm hoping I'll try to make the best of where ever I wind up.

At any rate -I'm not sure how much longer I can use the crapshack name. Things are wrapping up rapidly. I think within two weeks I'll be done.

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