Friday, April 09, 2021

She bougie now.

The old timers here may remember that Mr S. was drowning me in bread a couple of years before the pandemic. So... by the time we got locked down last year he had already moved on to harder stuff. He started watching all these youtube guys like Binging with Babish,  and Joshua Weissmann.

And somehow now ~I'M~ making puff pastry. I just became fascinated with the layers. 

Since this was only the second time I'd made this and I'm prone to overstuffing - I wasn't really too careful. It all looks the same in your belly. It leaked out less than I expected. You can see my half ass seal.

I made a blackberry reduction. With a layer of Brie, topped with a black plum reduction.

I did six turns, but didn't take pictures every time. But yeah - now this stuff shows up in my fridge.

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