Wednesday, April 07, 2021


For the past few months I've been trying to figure out a path for this blog. I am intensely bored of talking about the pandemic. I wish I never had to talk about it again. but that is not the way life is going to be, unfortunately. I'm also highly aware that my readership holds a vastly different view than I do. AND THAT'S OKAY. As long as everyone stays respectful. Which they have - except for that one guy.

I'm also aware that many popular blogs just turn into a screed. So I'm trying to find a balance of being able to express my views while not becoming that. 

I guess mostly I feel like Republicans are making it so we can never win an election again. And it's not just because of voter fraud.  In my opinion they have become just like the Democrat's in that I don't think they believe anything they fight about.  It's very on brand for Republicans to snatch defeat away from victory. And I think it's a huge mistake to blame the last election exclusively on voter fraud. That campaign was a MESS. It seems apparent now it was filled with never Trumpers.

If it were up to me, we'd take the next three and a half years and really reflect, and kick out, who ever we could. But that is not going to happen because we are too busy dunking on each other and feeling superior.  China must be laughing their ass off. 

Having said that - I am glad we are now at the Texas stage. Which I guess is technically the Brazil stage. You should really see how Brazil is handling herd immunity right now. About a month ago Germany was like - OMG we are in a new pandemic. Crickets.

Then France and much of Europe locked back down. Fascists.

About three weeks ago Canada started freaking out. Double crickets. Canada again. OMG this is starting to scare us. And now half of our hockey team is infected and pretty sick. America - no! This only hits old disposable people. Canada again, yeah...... but we are actually closing a bunch of our schools because the kids are getting sick. America - LOL.

America again - let's have a sports event! Which I am actually totally for. I mean, Europe is doing control concerts, but in Texas's defense, at least this we can track transmission. The seats are all numbered and I assume these were all consenting adults. I totes think should be doing more of that. Said sincerely. I am all for personal responsibility.


  1. I think that sort of opening up NEEDS to happen, for the sheer mental health's sake of every one. Vaccines are becoming more and more available for those who want them or feel they need them. The folks who don't want them are going to fight it tooth and nail anyway. And I think alot of hte fight is an automatic fight reflex anyway. If they'd STOP trying to STOP people the reflex will stop driving at least some of the folks into stupidity (not all, never all, stupidity happens, unfortunately). They NEED to let people have other outlets, or the problems are only going to get worse.


  2. That is a very kind and thoughtful reply. And I really appreciate it. I think we all are struggling at this point.

    I'm not here to fight with people. I'm just here to share the cool things I see. The rest is filler.