Thursday, April 22, 2021

Yesterday a guy I know walks up to me and says " So and So's brother was in the hospital for five days after the J&J jab.

I was completely stunned because the shot has been on pause for a while.

I finally mutter - is he okay? He says, no. He's still having neurological problems. I then ask if he's still in the hospital, and he says no.

Then I asked when he got the shot. Because as I said, it's been paused for a while. 

He said he got it two days before they shut it down.

I haven't been able to talk to the other guy yet. So this is speculation. Innuendo. Hearsay. Rumor mill. But wow - I wish I never heard that story. 

For the record I am neither anti vax, or pro vax. I think I'm scaretyvax.  When I see there aren't many problems I feel better, and when I hear more problems I feel less better.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeFriday, April 23, 2021 1:16:00 AM

    When I hear more problems: I must be in the loop.

    When I hear nearly no problems: I must be out of the loop.

    Therefore my state of feeling happy does not depend on being free of problems.

    Try seeing things that way, because if I were to tell you the latest thing you may genuinely want to be concerned about?

    "... the S1 part of the protein appears to break away from S2 and be capable of causing thrombosis on its own, sometimes within minutes as a result of fibrinogen activation ..."

    Sorry, but you're still not in the loop, even if this gets you closer.

    Be a scaredyvax if it helps. :-)

  2. What gets me is when they freak out over things like "the J&J vax causes blood clots!!!" And I look at the numbers and I'm at a higher risk of blood clots from hormone based birth control than the vax. Stupid shit like that makes me wonder what They're hiding.

  3. So...... that is not true. I know it been going around facebook.

    Death from birth control is so rare it's not even documented well. But from the numbers I can suss out, it ranges from 300 per year, to 1700. I honestly can't even tell if that is world wide.

    It is also well documented that if you are a smoker you are at higher risk of clots. As women, we are ALL familiar with that warning. The data isn't even broken down to how many women of what age died.

    Birth control also has a benefit of allegedly protecting you from some reproductive cancers. So the amount of lives it saves has to be taken into account. Right?

    Now... I did find an article that helps your case somewhat.

    The birth control named YAZ did apparently have a class action suit. It injured about 19,000 girls. But only 100 died.

    I tend to believe these statistics because in the real world outside of COVID people get to sue if you kill their loved ones. If birth control was indeed as many deaths as they say - google would have articles on the lawsuits.

  4. No, the blood clots from birth control just aren't usually fatal. Which, to be fair, the J&J ones have been. But its still a difference of ~1 in 100 vs 6 in 6 over 6 mill. I mean, the risk of dying in a car crash is something like 1 in 110 last I paid attention.

  5. Fair. But we don't really know how many people have had averse side effects from the vaccines.

    I finally got to talk to that other guy I know about his brother. Apparently he came down with some sub-set of guillain barre right after the J&j vaccination.

    Currently the internet tells me there is no reason to be alarmed. But I have had Bells Palsy on my right side. So I am understandably nervous. I had it for a few months and that was pretty rough. I wasn't sure I was going to return to normal.

    I was just at the point of breaking down to get the J&j before they paused it. So I'm not anti vax. I just wish they would be more transparent about the rest. It's pretty clear that medicines' beside manner needs a lot of work right now. I believe in vaccination and I'm freaked out.

  6. The various pieces of the .GOV have done some major damage in the general public's trust of the medical establishment this past year. Regardless of which side you are on.

  7. Fwiw, at least two of my coworkers got the J&J shot. Both said it knocked them on their ass for a day and then they were fine. Anecdotal as hell I know, but hey, take what you can get.

  8. ~Genuinely~, it does make me feel better. Most people I know have gotten one or the other shots and they are fine. Which is why I was getting close myself. But I'm also happy to let others work out the kinks.