Friday, April 09, 2021



I guess the other thing that is making me shut down is this ridiculous bullshit. We all know from the housing crisis that "economists" are the last to see literally EVERYTHING.

You are going to try and convince me that people are going to absorb lumber prices like the chart above, which goes back to the 80's and we are going to just keep chugging along? Get the fuck out of here. Honestly.

To believe that - you'd have to believe that we would continue printing the kind of money Trump did. And I know the alternative was worse, but helping the economy and Rolls-Royce having their best year in 116 years are completely different things. FFS I just read this morning that houses in PORTLAND are selling for 100k over asking now. WTF!? The real estate agents in Fremont are now bragging about 300k over asking. And all of this is fueled by money printing. Whats to even say about any of this?

Also... Trump tried to reduce the balance sheet last year, and I think he made a tactical error. You can see he had to bump it back up right away. Then the pandemic hit. Maybe this is what caused him to unleash such a frustrating amount of money. I do wonder if it somehow contributed to the election outcome.

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