Wednesday, April 28, 2021

It's frustrating how intellectually dishonest people are right now.

Watch Live: Fed Chair Powell Trying To Explain How The Fed "Knows" Inflation Will Be "Transitory".

Powell knows, because I'm pretty sure he is aware we aren't going to be able to just print 4 trillion dollars every fucking year. It took President Money Bags Obama 8 YEARS to print that much money. And I'm actually being generous. He only printed 3 Trillion.

In a pay for click world, you can plug out complete vapid bullshit. Zero Hedge knows this. Next month he will be on about how we knew inflation would never take hold. Such phoney morals. So... when we plow through that money, we are going to hit an air pocket. Because it's completely normal for houses to go up 20-24% in one year.

It used to take ten years for your house to double. Then in the housing crisis it went to 12/14 years. Now houses double in 5 years?! STFU.

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