Saturday, May 12, 2018

Why would we want to leave?

This is what traffic looks like at noon on a Saturday getting out of Fremont these days. There are no non peak times now.


  1. A sign of the times...If it's anything like hwy 101 up in Marin-Sonoma counties you can find traffic "just like the old days" (mid 70's) around 2 or 3 am....

  2. Oh Baby. You can tell you have been away for a while. The population has doubled since the 70's. The freeways haven't. This is nothing like the 70's. Used to be if you were on the road by 2-3:00 you'd be fine because rush hour started at 4-5. there are literally no off times now. If you aren't on the road by 1:00 you could spend three hours in the freeway. And on the weekends it was only that bad if you were going to the beach. This is just to get into the East Bay. On a Saturday!

  3. Capital of Texas RefugeeSunday, May 13, 2018 1:39:00 PM

    Let's see ...

    Miami: 75th worst traffic in the world

    San Jose: 65th worst traffic in the world (which oddly in the list has an accented E like its counterpart in Costa Rica)

    San Francisco: 30th worst traffic in the world

    But on the whole it isn't really all that awful -- I have definitely experienced worse, and it depends on the road within a particular city.

    Stockholm's rating is lower than all of these and yet it's some of the worst traffic I've had to cope with, all because I made the mistake of wanting to come in from Arlanda airport when the road maintenance people were still clearing snow from the roads.

    Houston's traffic can be far worse than this because you can sit in a slowly moving parking lot north of Houston and stay out there for four hours if you're not careful about what time you're driving and in which direction you're going.

    But anyway, have a lovely picture of our clogged roads while I'm at it: Miami traffic is awful -- 7th worst in US

  4. Oh - it gets way more awful than that. This is the only artery to get into the bedroom communities. If there is an accident there - all bets are off. (which is pretty frequently because people follow so closely due to dive bombers) Something eventually is going o have to give though.