Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Who the hell is giving these people money?!

"Bird, the electric scooter company that first launched in Los Angeles, is reportedly raising $150 million in new financing led by Sequoia Capital, according to Bloomberg. The round would value the company at $1 billion. Bird declined to comment for this story." Source.

When I heard they had gotten round B funding I just couldn't believe it. How is it they don't know what is happening to their product in San Fransisco? I don't understand at all how anyone thinks this company can pull a profit. When you've lost San Fransisco....your company is messed up. SF is openly hostile about these things.

"For weeks, I'd been seeing trashed electric scooters on the streets of San Francisco. So I asked a group of friends if any of them had seen people vandalizing the dockless vehicles since they were scattered across the city a couple of months ago.

The answer was an emphatic "yes."

One friend saw a guy walking down the street kicking over every scooter he came across. Another saw a rider pull up to a curb as the handlebars and headset became fully detached. My friend figures someone had messed with the screws or cabling so the scooter would come apart on purpose.

A scroll through Reddit, Instagram and Twitter showed me photos of scooters -- owned by Bird, Lime and Spin -- smeared in feces, hanging from trees, hefted into trashcans and tossed into the San Francisco Bay." Source.

Also note - they have gig workers now running around rescuing stranded scooters.

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