Monday, May 07, 2018


We are finally done with the BBQ stand. It came out pretty close tot he CAD model. And yes... we have to CAD model everything around here. And it still took a lot of time to get through the deign process because Mr S. and I had different visions.

Next time I would do a few things differently, like use better wood and make the frame fit together so it hides a lot more stuff. But with this project I had to keep management happy. And by management I mean Mr S. He doesn't really manage me, but when he gets fussy that is what I call him.


  1. Most excellent BBQ.

    Lurv's the clean look. Now the wife wants to upgrade to a smaller cooker like yours to go along with the big one.

    We use it a lot but it's too big for two and almost too small for when the family comes up. Having a second rig like yours would be ideal.

    She's right of course, (she's the friggin boss but I'll never tell her that and I've been noodling it since you started your project).

    On that other thing.

    We found it.
    Takeoff from the Bay area to somewhere in SE Asia.
    We ain't tellin where.
    Nefarious WW shit, Global intrigue to kill the Korean talks.
    Spy shit. Deep State shit.
    They never thought she would lose, they had it all rigged.
    Enter the White Hats. Enter DJT. Trust the Military.
    These people are stupid, left too many clues. Now panicked.
    Panic makes you more stupid.
    Justice is incoming. Wait for it.
    All we seek is awareness, justice.

    Possible Net pause inbound. Next 1-6 mos. We'll see.
    Necessary for round up.
    Prepare as you would for big EQ.
    Chow, water (1 gal per day per person with no body hygiene, adjust appropriately), heat, cooking, coffee/tea pot, stove, portable radio, genny, gas, can opener, protection x 3
    Two is one, one is none in survival mode, Murphy and his laws always hovers closely. Check your stuff.

    What would you need to DRY camp in the Sierras for 2 weeks but, while still at home. Evac not recommended.
    That is your required preparedness level for an earthquake. You should have this covered already.

    Money spent today may reduce misery another day.

    Event Closed.

    I'd like to see more pics of that BBQ in action.

    BTW, I buy a good portion of my meats from a Restaurant supply store out of Washington but they have them in your neck of the woods. Sometimes they have amazing deals on foodstuffs.

    3.5 pounds of freeze dried hash-browns for $8.00 that will last two people a month or two. Rest quality pans, dirt cheep. Amazing stuff.

    This weeks special is Rib Eye Steaks, Boneless @ 6.99 per pound in 15 pound average packages. Yeah, you gotta cut them up but with a food saver, you won't pay $14 a pound at the Safeway. Anyway, look into it.
    If you've built a BBQ, I doubt your a Vegan PLUS, all Vegans ALWAYS announce withing 4 minutes that they are Vegans. Except my Ex Wife, who is actually the nicest lady one could know...
    Hell, we still exchange Xmas cards after 26 years. Anyway, the ribeyes are probably choice, which is not select or prime, but they are good enough with a slow BBQ cook.
    Even my current wife likes her more than me.

    That is all,

  2. Yeah, but which airport in the Bay Area was it?

    Honestly, as soon as the cheeseburgers start running out my will to live starts diminishing. I've already decided that I'm not the kind of girl that going to live on MRE's.

    It's like when they told us steak was killing us. I said shit that sucks because I really love steak. Maybe I will just worry about dying while I keep eating steak. I'm willing to live a little less long.

  3. Departed OAK. @ 4500 hold for traffic aircraft departing SJC. That explains the altitude with NO GEAR DOWN.

    Just by having a Blog, they are watching. You are already on the list.

    You are a small fish so no worries.

    This thing is bigger than you can ever imagine. All gov's are infected. ALL.

    Look, get your assets 4 (12 ea) cases of chili beans, 4 cases of pork and beans, 4 cases of stew, 4 cases of spaghetti sauce. 2 cases of mushroom soup and 3 cases of chicken noodle soup as well as 20 pound of spaghetti noodles. 36 cans of chicken from Costco and 24 cans of beef from costco. A bag of Rice 50 lbs for $ 20 and you'be got at least 2 wks worth of chow for less than $600.
    5 Doz eggs for $7 aint a bad but either, DO IT NOW

    Stick it in a corner and don't worry about it for a while. DON'T forget water, 56 gals for two people for two weeks.

    DO IT.

  4. Oh, I forgot to tell you

    Wallymart has 35 15.5 oz per case of water for 3.33 per case in Idaho.
    That is 558 oz per case.
    Which is 4.36 gallons per case lot.
    for a bit over 60 gallons, you need 14 cases of 35ea water from Wallmart.

    That comes out to about $53.00 with tax in CA.

    Get er Done, spend the $60 and secure your water supply.
    Shit, I would suppose that you two spend more than that on starbucks. Stick in in your bedroom, it ain't gonna tell on ya....

    That is all

    I had to add this as the boss is overseeing this operation all of a sudden.. She gets what she wants.
    Cannot comment on my feelings as she is hovering.

  5. Capital of Texas RefugeeTuesday, May 08, 2018 8:12:00 PM

    Hi Q-Ball, happy you found your airport, I was pretty sure that was in the Caribbean because the buildings looked familiar.

    I haven't flown into any Bay Area airports in a couple of decades -- when I'm in California I usually fly into LAX for business first and then pick up a rental car, at least when I'm not crazy enough to drive all the way from Florida in my own vehicle.

    "Two is one, one is none in survival mode ..."

    There's a similar saying in sailing thanks to Tristan Jones, but his had to do with chronometers: either have a bunch of them or just one of them. If you have a bunch of them, you have spares and you can figure out which ones are off, but if you have one of them, you can dwell in happy ignorance as to how far off your course adjustments are.

    Of course, compass + sextant + tables > GPS during times of "extreme error correction", I'm sure you know the specifics as I do. :-)

    You might enjoy some of those old single-handed sailing books, there's plenty of good stuff for survivalists. If you have paraffin, you can keep eggs for two to three months at room temperature, for instance, and that's how some people are still keeping supplies for excursions around the Intracoastal and away from the mainland.

    One thing you might not be aware of when it comes to "Internet kill switches" is that landline phone companies are switching from old analog phone connections to VoIP with a VoIP ATA doing the conversion. A similar thing's happening in 4G/5G, something called voice over LTE, or VOLTE. When that's complete, the "Internet kill switch" can also shut down the phone network.

    So yeah, people around these parts are Generally Aware Stuff Like Internet General Halting Technology exists, if you catch the meaning.


    Anyway, one last bit about the BBQ grill: how hot does the outside of the grill get? I'm wondering if the melamine coating will get stuck to the pretty stainless steel and start melting on it.

  6. Thanks Ruth!

    It's actually not too bad. I have a 3cm remnant of soapstone between the melamine and the middle floor. The whole thing is double wall, and the melamine has a tolerance around the middle. But I can already see that white was not a logical choice. I wanted to use the granite remnant I have but management wanted to get this project done faster.