Saturday, May 05, 2018

If I'm being anal... ~and I am~.

I've been time splitting on a lot of stuff lately. And today we were back at the BBQ stand. The one piece of melamine I had stored in the garage was fairly beat up. Since this is suppose to be a throw away project I could have just sucked it up and put up with the  chips, but Mr S. knew they would always bother me.

So he cleverly found some seamfil that is basically white out or spackle for melamine/laminates. I'm not quite as impressed with it as I was with the iron on tape. But I guess it does look better. Expecially if you don't look too close. Next time I will cut the melamine differently.

The funny thing about seamfil is that a sheet of melamine costs something like 50 bucks. The seam fil costs 30. So you really have to have a particular bug up your butt to go to these lengths. Stuff catches my eye though.

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