Thursday, May 03, 2018

Tank jeep.

I might have to go back and reshoot this one. It caught my attention because it looks like a tank.


  1. That would be perfect for the Pismo Sand Dunes down in Grover Beach. Tires and high fenders suggest that it is a rock runner like the Jeep Clubs use but deflate the tire to 8 psi and they would be great in the sand.

    I think it's a nice home built job but I would want more horizontal re-enforcement on those back runners and the drivers top space.

    I've seen similar stuff roll over several times on 80-100 foot sand bowls and that thing would have a premature passenger space intrusion incident as it is set up, imho. (yea, yea I know, friggin critics but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express on Tuesday...)

    Anyway, you strike me as the type of sleuth that enjoys a mystery now and again-(as in, daily, lol)

    This JetBlue aircraft is landing in the Bay area. Pic's are taken at altitude but we can't figure out which airport it is going to. (Not enough angle of attack noseward to be taking off, imho) You know the area and the mountain ranges in your AO (Area of Operations) so maybe you could help us out. (or not in so dis-inclined)

    Feel free to pontificate on any ideas you may have regarding which side of the bay we are looking at, altitude, likely airport, approximate picture location taken from, etcetera.


  2. Welcome Not_the_Borg!

    My first impulse is that is the Palo Alto municipal airport due to that triangular portion of land. I will have to look at more features, but there aren't really that many airports near the marshes. Also it's a pretty pixeley image.

    Why are you interested in that aircraft? Seems like Jetblues land all the time around here. I mean, not at ~that~ airport.. but...

  3. Yeah, my best guess is Palo Alto. Those buildings seem to line up with this landing video. there at the airport But degree of angle and pixelation would be for more of an expert. Good luck and Welcome!

  4. Forgot to include link in my first image about the land mass.

  5. @ shesaid,

    Thank you for your quick response.

    Thanks for the idea but Palo Alto could not land a B737. Its runway is only about 2500 feet. Thanks for your time and opinion though. Thought you might recognize more of it.

    The mountains with the dual ridge and the building proximity to the mud flats, are the key. I thought I might try the easy way as you're in the deep of the South Bay.

    We'll figure it out on the maps.

    Why? Matrix:: NEO, take the Red pill and the rabbit hole goes deeper than you ever thought; take the Blue pill and all will be as it is...

    Apple likely involved.

    Which pill would you like and, no this is probably not a game. Do you "Q"?

    Also, I've followed you for some time, just never comment like hundreds of others on your blog. Love everything you do, especially the construction work.

  6. @ she said,

    Dammit, this is the redpill. I could have sworn I put it in but it ain't there:

  7. Yeah, I would have been extremely intrigued if you said they were landing commercial aircraft there. What is the minimum runway a plane like that needs> 5200 feet? I think they've landed one of those in my town, but it's a squeaker.

    You are sure this is in the Bay Area? Because there are just not many places it ~can~ be. Not SFO. Not Mofett Field. Not Hayward. Not Oakland. The only real place that could be is Palo Alto on super low tide. But air traffic doesn't normally orient that way. Normally traffic through there heads North and to have an image like that it would have to be on the East Bay side. Let me think about it for a minute. Are you sure it isn't landing in the "greater Bay Area"? I agree they could never land a plane that big in Palo Alto.

    Thanks ~so~ much for your kind words. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in trying to find interesting content that I forget people could be enjoying my stuff on the other side. So that means a lot.

    Do I Q? I don't know. Crank call. I'm sure I just went on a watch list for how many airports I googled today. So.. thanks. ;-) But I still think that is Palo Alto. Plug it into google earth. That area could have an illusional double skyline, but I admit it's hard to get good images on Google to compare. But I'm still convinced it's Palo Alto.

  8. She Said,

    Thanks kiddo,

    Trust me, you're way younger than me so I feel I might get away with it. lol

    Yes, the mundane of your life has interest to the rest of us "no longer living in California". I was born there and finished my career there. I remember the old days and, well, they are gone. Understand if you can't get out yet but that's ok...

    You should probably blue pill if you have reasons to, (gov contactor) as those in charge have everything anyway. We all have our limits.

    As for the pics, no we're not sure but that looks like South Bay mud flats. Been in and out of SJC, OAK and SFO a couple dozen times each in the last 40 yrs.

    We'll work on it, the hive mind is impressive. Hell, we found a runway-taxiway intersection in South-east Asia about three or four months ago. I won't mention other avenues as they are a probable watchlist thing.

    Thanks for your help and keep on posting your Sherlock stuff, it is interesting as well.

    Lurv's to you and Mr S and the rabbit.

  9. Aw.... I am super touched. That's really sweet. When you find out post back. I figure google puts me on the watch list every so often. I search a lot of crazy stuff sometimes. I just wait it out. The google meter says - terrorist-terrorist-terroris-bunnies. Oh... she's okay. EVERYBODY - she's okay! Stand down.

    Why not take both pills? I'm not sure if I've ever met a Californian who didn't want to leave. It's a process. First you move to the suburbs, and then one day..

    But even California is a place I don't really recognize most of the time now. It's a place that shouldn't function but it does. It's funny and ridiculous all at the same time.

    Thanks for commenting though. It made my day. Don't be a stranger.

  10. Yup. google is EVIL and so is every other MF out there. They all want C_ A big bucks.

    (paranoid much, Yup). They can come get me in the rocky mountain snow if they want me.

    Duck Duck go is said to not harvest info so I go with that. The same with Palemoon.

    Keep posting the rabbit pics. Damn thing is adorable. Wife loves the lipstick med pics so I have to call her in on each one.

    She doesn't do internet, except to look at pictures I call her in about.

    Be safe and I'll let you know on updates, maybe.

    Don't worry about watchlists, were all on em and if you're on facefarce, twatter, instagram or all the rest, even if you have an IPhone, it is too late, yer on it. Not much to do about that. Guess what I don't have?

    Blessings to you and yours from the eternal gods of the universe. Be they a lightbulb or that guy jesus. To each his own and I have no problem with whatever people choose.

    Keep on keeping on, those of us out here are rooting-tooting for you. Every damn day but if you slack off, that's Ok.

    Nobody is gonna git pissed if you take days, a week or a month off. Live Life, nOt Bloggin... Do It Dammit.

    lurvs to the family,

  11. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, May 05, 2018 3:55:00 PM

    You see, Googling random shit on the Internet is exactly why I use Tor ...

    BTW, an update: I got Privacy Pass to work, but there are some other add-ons for Firefox that mess it up if you let them get in the way.

    Google Maps stops working if you set up Canvas Blocker to its most secure mode, and the whitelist feature appears to be slightly borked.

    But here's the Great Firefox Plug-in List o'Privacy:

    AudioContext Fingerprint Defender
    Block site
    CanvasBlocker (0.4.4a)
    Classic Theme Restorer (because I hate new Firefox)
    Empty Cache Button
    Expiry Canary
    FoxyProxy Standard (so I can proxy to Tor)
    HTTPS Everywhere
    No Resource URI Leak
    Places Maintenance (to purge annoying history etc.)
    Privacy Badger
    Privacy Pass
    RequestPolicy Continued
    Stop Fingerprinting
    uBlock Origin
    User Agent Switcher
    Vacuum Places Improved
    View Cookies
    Web Developer

    Set CanvasBlocker to "block everything" and switch it to "ask for permission" if you need to use Google Maps.

    uBlock Origin is a replacement for the Adblock Plus that's been crammed into Firefox. Try it with all of the uBlock filters but "Experimental" and "Annoyances" as well as EasyList, EasyPrivacy, Fanboy's Enhanced Tracking list, most of the malware protection except for Spam404, and Fanboy's Social Blocking List first.

    A few sites might break, but they're going to stuff a bunch of advert crap at you anyway. Instapundit works, but the rest of PJ Media doesn't, for instance.

    If you're tired of most of those news site auto-play videos, stick "" and "" into your uBlock Origin block list.

    If you're tired of the new Reddit layout that fires up a CPU hog "chat" script, use this in uBlock Origin:


    Otherwise, that should do the trick. Go check out what happens with Panopticlick afterwards, it should be amusing. :-)

    What I do now is that I fire up Privacy Pass after I get my browser started with a Tor session, just so I can see whether that particular host has been blocked by Cloudflare. If it works, then I go through the usual captcha crap using Privacy Pass, and it gives me 30 cryptographic random hashes that will get me past most CloudFlare captcha challenges for a while. It also seems to help with establishing whether the browser's non-spammy, and so I can fill in the captcha here more reliably as well.

    So that's why commenting here is working again, BTW. :-)

  12. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, May 05, 2018 4:12:00 PM

    Terror bunnies, BTW?

    Oh, I'll just leave some Bunnicula here then ...

    Never give Bunnicula a silver collar. :-)

  13. Capital of Texas RefugeeSaturday, May 05, 2018 4:26:00 PM

    BTW, yo, Q-Ball ... :-)

    That doesn't look like California at all to me in the background.

    I can swear I've seen that approach up close and personal.

    Try one of the airports in the Caribbean.