Wednesday, May 16, 2018

When will this car bubble burst already!

On the way home I drove by the Tesla plant. That overflow lot is as full as I've ever seen it. I'm starting to feel like them evacuating that lot and tearing down the fence was some voodoo crap. Because the fence is back up and that lot is FULL. I know they are in shutdown right now.

My route also takes me by another ghost lot. I forget what's in there. but it caught my eye today because it had two car carriers with Nissan Leafs they were unloading. That lot is now crammed to the gills. Leafs are tiny, so you can pack more in there. And remember I found that other lot of Leafs by the San Mateo bridge that I haven't gone back to reinvestigate.

The traffic was out of control so I didn't want to stop and take pictures. Maybe tomorrow or the weekend. I really just don't understand how long this can go on. Especially with interest rates this high.

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