Monday, May 21, 2018

All that is left is the Facebookification of your car.

I've been going to these autonomous car conferences for a few years now. In the early years they were somewhat interesting. Now that the sector has matured.... not as much. But...that doesn't mean they are any less creepy. These people are like hyenas in regards to the future prospects of mining your car for data. They even have a term for it now. They think of your future car as a "information appliance". No foolies. That is an actual term.

They want to put all sorts of sensors inside because.... "they don't really know how you use the inside of your car". And if you think you are going to get away with not buying one of these things - good luck with that. Toyota said they have been shipping cars with DSRC's (Dedicated Short Range Commnucations)  for about two years now. They just aren't utilized. YET.

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  1. That's a relief incase I get kidnapped. I want the police to find me right away.