Tuesday, May 01, 2018

And you thought I was joking.

It was probably about three or four years ago I started making a whole bunch of posts about how real estate was about to get super expensive. You could see all the good land was gone and the only available land was near the railroad tracks. That land used to be a buffer, but no longer.

I even joked that they were practically putting up buildings in the clover leafs of freeways.

So last weekend when I saw this I knew I'd have to go back and get it. This plot can't be more than 90 feet deep and sits RIGHT on the freeway onramp in Hayward. I thought they were sticking condo's there, but it turns out it just an office building. But still!

I think this image exemplifies California right now.

I don't know how wide a caterpillar is - but this lot is about 5 caterpillars deep.

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