Friday, August 11, 2017

Bunny Friday.

This is how Lacy greets us every morning. I have no idea why she does it. She has a whole open door. But it's super funny. It's like she's saying helloooooooooo. (done in a monty python accent)

And she is still on pink drink. (antibiotics) So I got better, less blurry, shots of her lipstick. Which is what the pharmacy compounds the antibiotics with.


Anonymous said...

A follow-up pic from yesterday.

she said: said...

Hahahah. Loves it.

I actually liked the ad in that case. I thought it was a helpful way of telling you what you should pare rabbit with. Because that place is Down Under. Right? I thought they would have an ad saying "don't even think about wanting a rabbit" we kill them all. But they go really nicely with broccoli!

Oh, and since you seem like a regular anon poster - can you choose some anon nym? Almost everyone posts anon around here, so it's nice to be able to tell you people apart. Even if you sign with an exclamation point for asking. Not trying to out the anon thing, just trying to figure out if I have one anon poster or 20. Thanks!

Dwan Seicheine said...

Why is she on antibiotics...and yes..that's one cute bunny wabbit.



she said: said...


Thanks. I think she is cute-ish. For the first month of her life I was calling her a duddy. I wasn't a fan her color and she decidedly didn't have any personality like others. Usually you are trying to calm the personality down from them.

She's on the antibiotics because she has the sniffles. And she has e.cuniculi- so I have to make sure the sniffles don't turn into something more.

Capital of Texas Refugee said...

Definitely "Thug for Life" rabbit ...

She's even on Purple Drank. :-)

she said: said...

You don't know how badly I want to get her a little shirt that says that.