Tuesday, August 01, 2017

At least I wasn't imagining it.

Oakland residents say tent encampments threatening neighborhoods.

"Oakland's unsheltered homeless population grew 37 percent over a two-year period and has become the city's most visible problem. Those with and without homes feel like the city hasn't done nearly enough to solve the crisis. 

After Nevis moved into her house last year, she would come home and find people sitting on her porch and using her outside electrical outlets to charge cellphones and other electronics. She decided to let this go.

That always just kind of made me feel uncomfortable and I know some of my neighbors agree with that," Nevis said. 

Then, on a recent spring night, someone pounded on her door looking for a stolen phone, she said. Nevis can't confirm who the person was, but it flipped an emotional switch. She began trading stories with her neighbors about how bold homeless people in her neighborhood had become. Nevis went from believing she could live together with her homeless neighbors to feeling threatened by them."

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