Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I guess I'm the only one who doesn't think this is a problem.

When people started stepping down from Trumps manufacturing council I though - some of these people shouldn't be advising anyone. Under Armor is having real financial problems right now. They should get their own act together.

Intel (and I shouldn't really talk about them because I might be there tomorrow) is dying. They are late in the game on everything! Really - they are just now getting into self driving cars? That's about five years too late. Intel is basically at the stage where they have to buy their way out of death by acquiring new companies and IP. Their chip architecture is toast. ARM won.

Update - As evidence - Intel is sitting on a fab site in Arizona blessed by Obama in 2012 that is still sitting idle after SIX years! How does a company afford that? Crony capitalism of course.


  1. By the time Intel gets done building Fab 42, the process technology will have moved ahead so far that Intel will get another process out of it ...

    They'll get a massive tax loss that they can claim against their US revenue.

    That's how Intel will be able to afford Fab 42.

    GO TEAM INTEL. :-)

    Otherwise, didn't Intel start out when a bunch of engineers from Fairchild decided they wanted to build a "more intelligent" semiconductor company? It's really strange then that there are echoes of Fairchild, National Semiconductor, and Texas Instruments in their 1980s forms in how Intel is operating today.

    Intel's been backing out of platforms a lot this decade -- desktop motherboards (2013), SoCs and Atom processors for mobiles (2016), the "maker movement" and the Arduino 101 board (2017). They stopped making ASICs a long time ago (2003). 8051-compatibles keep getting faster not because of Intel but in spite of them. Intel Capital apparently set a new record for exiting companies in the cyber-security field. There's apparently just no end to what Intel can end. :-)

    So yeah, Intel exits Trump's manufacturing council ... GO TEAM INTEL.

    Otherwise, I'm sure all of the grocery stores near ARM were out of beer for a day or two because ARM bought it all for the kegger they had to celebrate another GO TEAM INTEL exit. :-)

    "Seeeeee how they run ..." :-)

  2. Yeah, they sort of screwed themselves with the motherboards and it's been all downhill since then. The boards were great if you wanted an energy sucking space heater. They were never designed to be low power so when the market went that way they had no way to adapt. ARM was designed to be low power from the start. So Intel basically has to start over from scratch to achieve the same results as ARM, and that takes a long time. And that's how Intel died. Slowly......

    So....I kinda think Intel has better things to do than sit on advisory boards.