Monday, August 28, 2017

I'm glad one of our local news anchors got attacked at Berkeley.

I see that Zero Hedge picked up the story that one of our local news anchors from KTVU got attacked at the Berkeley protest.  Frank Somerville deserves it! This channel in particular foments this kind of stuff. They frame the story as these people being the good guys.

They will cover the smallest protest from Answer International. Raging grannies. PSLweb. ANTIFA. These are all socialist groups. I've seen them cover a protest five people strong. And they do it ALL the time. It pisses me off to no end. And this is why California is so crazy. If there is a socialist protest - KTVU is there to lift them up and give them exposure. So I'm a little delighted they got a taste of what they create.

I didn't go to this thing because they've all gotten too dangerous and really I know who the players REALLY are. But I do think it's stunning that Answer International has the nerve to be against fascism. It's just not the right color fascism. Now if it was Che' they'd be all over it as you can see from the t-shirt above. They might be against white supremacy because really what they want is Che'/socialist supremacy.

In the below photo - the banner is from the Party of Socialism Restoration. You can see a larger photo here. These are all communist groups. They lay low and take advantage of any situation they can. But since no one seems to really understand who they are - they fly under the radar of most peoples sensibilities.

I am somewhat frustrated with the whole Berkeley thing in general. That place is lost and has been for decades. I'm not sure what the "Anti Marxism" groups expect to achieve. The police and news are against them. They are just there to get their asses kicked.

I think it would be a better idea to start asking these people if they support communism. Because I assure you, some of these people don't understand the signs they are carrying. Mr S. confronted one of these people at a Ron Paul rally years ago. And I can assure you these people are just morons.

It's like a while back they got a bunch of people to sign a petition to ban water. We used to be able to just mock and laugh at these people, but now the news has fomented so much crap these people have turned violent. Let them kill each other. Put a fence around it and let the people of Berkeley suffer their own cocktail of destruction.


  1. Capital of Texas RefugeeMonday, August 28, 2017 3:42:00 PM

    They're fake socialists anyway ...

    Watch what they do when you introduce them to real social democrats -- it's hilarious. They think social democrats are puffed-up bourgeois merchants and are even worse than the people they're protesting.

    Interesting that they protest in the streets in Berkeley ...

    I think I have a solution. :-)

    Berkeley needs a new mayor, obviously -- I suggest the mayor of Sherbrooke, Quebec, who gave the protesters blocking streets an ultimatum: clear off or get cited for very, very expensive traffic fines. It was all 100% legal: those traffic fines were mandated by law, and so all it took was for the police to get out there to start citing people for traffic violations.

    I bet they'd clear off after receiving a few million dollars worth of traffic fines, and Berkeley could probably stand a few major street upgrades.

    I love it when the solutions present themselves. :-)

  2. I am still confused by the term "real" social democrats. Seriously. I'm not sure what the distinction is.

    Don't wish for a different major. You just might wind up with someone even worse. Let Berkeley go. The traffic tickets are an interesting idea. But they will just crowd fund their way out of them.