Monday, August 21, 2017

I have to hand it to Lucid Motors.

I wouldn't call myself and electric vehicle fan. Possibly I will change my mind when it takes the same amount of time to charge them as it does to pump gas. So - I was pretty meh about this car. Until I saw it. Allegedly it goes 400 miles on a single charge. They couldn't tell me what it would do to the battery if I drove it 100MHP.

One thing I liked about the car is that it wasn't obvious from the outside that the roof was transparent. I also liked that the back seats bucket back. (that's a seat option. You can also get bench seats - but why would you?)

My greatest fantasy about these cars is that when they fully become autonomous (this one ships with level 2 autonomy) is that they become sleeper cars. This is when I become a buyer. Imagine the day that instead of driving to L.A., you slept to L.A.? You'd walk into your sleeper car and nap for six hours or so. Then you arrive in L.A. completely fresh as a daisy.

Last night Mr S. were talking about all the ways the word would change. You wouldn't need hotels as much. But places where you could just shower and take care of personal needs would pop up to service car nomads. And they would charge your car as a service.

I mean if I was 20 and not married and didn't have obligations - imagine how much of the world you could explore that way. You'd just wake up in another city. Would suburbia become further and further inland?

I also have to give the Lucid Motors sales people props. They weren't going to take your "I'm just browsing" crap.  They were hungry, but not annoying. Knew their product well. Because, I want to know the things like - where did you hide the lidar. (in those transparent bumper panels on the front and back) My only real complaint was that they roped if off too tightly so it was hard to get great shots. But that is a SiliconValley thing.

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