Wednesday, August 02, 2017

They all pushed us too far.

When I was growing up - I thought we (the US) were helping countries be free-er. And then somewhere it morphed into us forcing freedom on them. I was okay with Iraq because the Kurds were begging us to come in. And people were being put into wood chippers.

I was just talking to a guy this morning and I told him - there is nothing more than I want in the world but everyone being free-er. But they don't seem like they want it. Why are we wasting all of our effort for something they don't want. And then they hate us afterwards.

He says - yeah. It's not like they called us up for help. Eff them.

And to say these things really hurts my heart. Growing up a poor kid watching the news back in the day, even then I felt fearful about what if I lived in "that" country. Would I ever make it out? Being poor you know you don't have a lot of options. It's probably one reason I am the way I am. I'm always looking for an exit.

I feel the same way about immigration. I like nothing more than immigration. But they started letting everyone flood in and then they got here and hated us for it. We try to give them everything and they just spit in our faces. We are all sick of this on some level. I don't like that they are cutting immigration, but some of that is causing our hospitals to really be entities of the State because they can't make money. It's also why health care is so expensive.

I hate that I feel this way because I want everyone to be free. But no one appreciates anything we do for them. So why I need that static? I'm betting I'm far from being the only one who feels this way.

They all just pushed us too far and now we just don't give a fuck.


  1. You should read The Camp of the Saints if you haven't already. At the very least google it and read a plot synopsis. That book was written in the 70s and it's like the author had a time machine to predict everything that would happen. He certainly had a brilliant understanding of human nature.

    It is inevitable that the 3rd world will overrun the 1st world. The more we try to help them, the faster we will speed up our demise. That's the cold hard truth. It saddens me to be so heartless, but this is the world we live in now. Most of them won't help themselves given the chance, so it's pointless to even try to help them at all.

  2. The illegal immigrant population of all races and nationalities needs to leave. Legal immigration should be set to just about zero. Unemployment is in the double digits and not this fantasy 6%. And no more from 'turd world' countries especially those with a lack of a European mindset. There is a reason why Africa is Africa and Mexico is Mexico.

    If 'duh-versity' is so great, Brazil should be kicking everyone's ass economically.

    I don't object to student visas, but the abuse of H-1, greencard, and B-1 needs to stop immediately. But you know, the corporate scumbags like crying about how they can't find 'da skillz' people.

    The good news is since Trump was elected, some of the illegal Mexicans at least have self deported.

  3. Anon - man, that's intense. In my lifetime I never thought I'd see people fight Americanism so hard after working so hard to get in. Immigrants used to want to share their culture with us. But this new set - they are just taking up space in this world. I don't really get the whole thing. Immigrants used to come here to make their lives better. The new ones seems want to make things like where they came from.

    A Texan- I'm okay with legal immigration. As long as they bring good food and don't want to change our culture. I mean, I'm an atheist but I'm perfectly happy with Christmas. I'd like them to be more like that. We need to stop the illegal portion though. It's killing us financially. And it's just not right to have a portion of your population that has to live in the shadows. It's not healthy for them or us.

  4. I'd like to add that even though I'm okay with legal immigration - I sort of feel like we have a lot of our own people living on the streets right now. It wouldn't hurt us to be able to catch our breath for a minute.