Thursday, January 01, 2015

Back to reality on Monday.

This isn't to say I won't have anything for you, but things start getting good next week with CES.

For the past handful of years I've almost made it a science getting in an out out Vegas in a day. The getting "in" isn't so much the hard part. At the beginning of the day-  the cab situation is like a perfect ballet. It amazing to watch.

Leaving Las Vegas is a different story all together. You could easily wait two hours for a taxi. When you have a flight that night - it's actually a lot of stress. Last year I found the perfect way out was actually by city bus. It takes you straight to the airport. I think it might be a preferred method right now. Every year I've tried a different way to get out. The cabbies are amazing - but at the end of the day it's every wo/man for himself.

This year though - we are driving and staying two nights. Have you seen the price of gas? Mr S. took some time off. I'm bringing the bunny. Oh yes I am. We are pulling a minivaca/conf. Jasmine travels remarkably well. She's been on a plane to Ohio. She's been to Tahoe and Ft Bragg. I'm thinking of getting her a little tiny passport. Hell - last year someone had their dog on the show floor in a baby stroller! So, I'm obviously not the weirdest.

I'm on the floor late Wed into Thur - but I'm leaving Tuesday. So... sit tight. I will have stuff to entertain you soon.

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