Monday, January 12, 2015

Tesla Model X.

I'm not sure I'm that excited about it. I've never seen it, and it isn't on the road yet. That is how this blog works. I don't have to love everything.

My biggest problem is - I don't think this company (or any of his companies) would be alive without corporate welfare. The SpaceX stuff maybe I could maybe turn a blind eye to. From the tax incentives on every car, to the cap and trade, to him buying up farmland for tax benefit. I know he paid off his loan. But if gas stays low - we get to see how this company rides. I'm pretty sure the Bay Area makes up the lion share of the sales. They are everywhere. And I just don't understand how batteries are better for the planet than oil. If a product was that great - you wouldn't need tax incentives to get people to buy something. It's just the bottom line. I know the owners love them. But we are still early days.

Still, everyone seemed to be super excited about it. There was such a crush getting a side shot was out.

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