Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Nothing makes my eyes narrow more than watching people bitch about Obama whom I'm sure voted for that guy. Everyone is an Obamacomelately whiner these days.

This nation can not move forward until President Money Bags has trolled through the entire economy punishing the responsible and rewarding the irresponsible. That is the whole goal of this administration. You can push a lot of socialism on people when they don't understand what it is. It has to burn like the surface of the sun for them to understand. And I'm fairly confident that day will come soon.

I was able to find a mortgage rate at 3.495% today. Rates have not been that low since Oct 2012. Because falling rates are a sign of a great economy. Right? Imagine how great the economy will be when we enter negative rates like Europe.

I'm not sure we will get to negative rates, but I have no idea how they are going to stimulate this economy either. But you know they will.

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