Friday, January 23, 2015

That tired old song?

January rainfall for the Bay Area ? Zero point zero.

I mean, I know it's going to rain before spring - but seriously? If I'm a farmer - I'm starting to get jittery though. Super jittery.

I'm not sure what I'm going to have for you this weekend. I have a few projects to get done. I do have a conference next week which I hope is not filled with 3D printing. I've been having this huge love hate relationship with 3D printing. It's still fantastic, but I'm sort of bored. Except for the medical side.

I thought the home market would start to consolidate by now, but they just keep coming out with new types. And everyone but everyone understands 3D printing now. This is how I know.

Last week I was at the chiropractor and he was asking me what I saw at CES. He's not a tech guy at all, so I narrowed my reply to mostly 3D printing. Because I've been talking to him about it forever.

He says - my buddy is selling those now. I bust up laughing and ask him which one. He didn't know.

I reply - remember all those years ago I've been talking about this? Yes I do - he replies.

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