Friday, January 16, 2015

Only a fool would think they could ban encryption.

I suggest you all read why encryption was created from the guy who wrote PGP, here in Why I wrote PGP by Phillip Zimmermann. He thought of it as a human rights tool.

Back in the day - everyone wasn't on the internet. Universities, government installations and large tech companies like Sun Microsystems now a part of Oracle, were all on the backbone. We all felt we needed to be protected from losing our jobs if we wanted to view or say something our employer many not like. This was before ISP's. Your email belonged to your employer. You had to keep a very professional on line presence back then. Not like today where you can post basically any shit headed thing under your real name, and you still get to keep your job. With this new freedom, PGP wasn't really needed as much because backlash wasn't as harsh.

Looks like that is all about to change. And I'm waiting with baited breath to see how many of our Silicon Valley companies roll over like a dog wanting to get their stomach scratched. I bet a lot  because Silicon Valley has very few morals these days when it comes to the government.

To think that you can rid the net of the Phillip Zimmermanns of the world - is delusional. I'd think they would feel like that was a challenge. There will never be an end to Phil Zimmermans gawd willing. They will continue even with the risk of government persecution. Google it.

It's all I've never known from the net, and I think it will never, ever, change.

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