Sunday, January 25, 2015

The introverts mall.

The Macy's store at Valco Mall in Cupertino announced it was closing. That was my sign I had to go check on my second favorite Dim Sum restaurant which resides in the mall. My first favorite is right in front of the new Apple campus, and they've already started handing out menus in English. So, I expect that place to be caved forever now. It was already a bitch to get into without a huge frickin campus right on it's doorstep. Just trying to find parking there will make you go wild. I meant to video it once or twice because it was a really special experience. Said in the most sarcastic way.

The Dim Sum place at Valco I think pretty much keeps the whole mall alive. Valco has been a dead mall at least since the beginning of the recession. I wrote about it once here in 2009. It looked really bad off then.

After we had Dim Sum I wanted to walk the mall before they did whatever they are going to do with it. I think it's losing two anchor stores. Macy's and Penny's. This is where I discovered they had pristine coin cars. I'm not sure what they are called. Usually you find them out in front of  stores and they are all sun damaged. The ones in Valco I'd never seen before and they were in amazing shape. And for some reason this made me want to ride them.

Mr S rode this one with me. It spun in circles.

I was having Mr S. get me more quarters when he saw this sign. That must have been why the kids were giving me dirty looks. That ruined all the fun, But getting in those tiny seats were kinda a bitch anyway.

The mall generally seems less dead than I would have expected considering. There still were lots of stores. Just not stores that bring in much revenue.

I used to be one of those mall rat kids who hung out at Valco. Now I can't stand going to a mall. It does make me sad to see them go though. Not for any good reason. Valco has prime real estate. It's time to gentrify that mall. I guess I always hate to see the old stuff go around The Valley. I of course want the new stuff they replace it with more. But in The Valley you have to keep reinventing yourself. It isn't easy to do. I'm sure the owners of Valco put up the good fight. I always hate the final defeat.

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