Monday, December 29, 2014

If the collapse in oil prices is so positive for consumers (and I absolutely think it is) why all of a sudden do people seem so worried? I guess not everyone is up for a game of oil roshambo like they said they were.

Alaska, Texas, and Canada are completely throwing up. And two of those three listed have been really strong markets. It must have been two weeks ago all these stories started coming out about the average price of a house in Vancouver Canada was a million dollars. At the time I was like - wow Canada!

Silicon Valley has crazy real estate prices, and I roughly know what level of commerce it takes to make that happen. What are you guys making up there that causes housing to be so crazy expensive?  You aren't making it up in Poutine are you? Because that shit is delicious.


  1. It's cause by HAM (Hot Asian Money)!

  2. Huh. Same as down here I guess.

    Your comment looked so close to porn spam.