Monday, December 08, 2014

It's worth a try.

Maybe I will have some interesting stuff for you tomorrow. I have a conference. But I wouldn't hold my breath because the good stuff doesn't really start showing up after the Christmas window. Everything that is cool is already out for the moment.

Right now I'm trying to get a ton of outside stuff done. On Wednesday we are suppose to get some purple rain.

Normally on the weather radar, California only gets to the red stage. Ya know - yellow, orange, and red. Regular stormy. When purple starts showing up on the radar - things are going to get interesting. This storm is fetching moisture from the pineapple express. (Hawaii) And I dug out those strawberries this weekend.

I haven't been able to get them back in yet because my compost is not cooperating. I didn't get to work it all summer because of the drought. And in the last storm we got about 3 and a half inches of rain. Normally stuff dries out pretty quickly, but that was just too much to dry out very fast. I hope I can get them in on Wednesday, because tomorrow is torched with that conf.

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