Friday, December 19, 2014

Every time I see this - a small piece of me dies.

Mr S. didn't grow up in the Bay Area - so, he thinks this whole thing is funny. But I'm completely serious.

Back in the day - Fry's was the place you went for computer stuffs. Back before half of you even knew you wanted computers. Before Circuit Shitty. I mean, Circuit City. It was no frills. You had to know what you wanted there because you almost couldn't get any help from sales people. Besides if you didn't know what you wanted, why were you even shopping there? If you had to ask for what you wanted - you just weren't tech enough.

I think the above Fry's might be the oldest one in the Bay Area. Off Brokaw in San Jose.

Anyway. This weekend when we were in there I became all nostalgic because this particular store is half way to Radio Shack land. And it just kinda bummed me out.

Mr S. wanted to browse stuff, but all I am is obsessed with the crap they are selling now. Which he found kinda funny. You know your store is having problems when you have two full isles devoted to perfume. You are selling potty trainers, and your Barbie doll section is larger than your 3D printing section. That is messed up!

You have to take my word for the 3D printing isle because my pictures came out blurry.

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