Tuesday, December 02, 2014

When slinkies attack.

I had my girl Jasmine in yesterday to get her staples out from her slinky accident. Oh yes. You heard that right. Pets can be really imaginative when they screw themselves up. 12 staples. 10 the first time. Two the second. Oh yes. You also heard that right. Almost 700 bucks in vet visits from a toy that costs probably less than 5 bucks. Middle of the night vet visits are spendy Yo.

Bunnies have really thin skin which I didn't think I needed to know about since she is the only one I have now. She doesn't have anyone to fight with so I thought open wounds were almost a non issue. The wound opened up a second time needing two extra staples. Then actually a tiny third time that didn't need a vet visit or staples. Her staples were in for 21 days. If she hadn't opened up a second time it would have only been 10 days.

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