Monday, December 01, 2014

This blog always goes off the rails in Dec.

Blogging can be quite the grind sometimes. It is really a lot of work to get the content I do. Even though sometimes it might not seem like it.

First I have to find the content then turn it into something readers might find interesting. Usually my days are full of half stories. Or - can I even make this into a story? Some days I have 20 half stories and I have to figure out if I can make a full story out of any of them. Lots of times I fail. At the end of the year I'm just over it because that process is harder. There is lots less interesting stuff to blog about.

When the rain finally comes it's like a gentle relief. You almost need an excuse in the Bay Area to lay around and do nothing. There is literally something going on all the time and the cursed sun is always shining. By the end of the year I'm just tired. Super tired. In January it's off to the races again and this process starts all over again.

At least the hills are finally greening up. I haven't seen that color in forever.


  1. I enjoy the stories. I especially like the economic stories of california.

  2. Good to know. If only my stories had more endings. Then you would get more to read.