Saturday, December 27, 2014

2014 Ferrari Enzo.

I've been dieing for the monthly Santa Row car show. My car sugar was low and I wanted to see what the rich kids got for Christmas. I mean, you are going to bring your best stuff two days after Christmas. Right? It better be the best car show of the year!

It only goes until about noon, and a lot of the guys were starting to leave - so Mr S. and I went over to The Counter for a burger. They have one at Santa Row now. If McDonalds needs to understand why their sales are caving - it's because of places like the Counter. You get to choose all your ingredients! If you have a bad burger - it's all your fault. There is a burger renaissance going on. Seriously.

After lunch we decided to take one last look to see if there were any stragglers. I couldn't even see what this car was, but I could see the crush of people. Which is always a good sign.

It turned out to be this Enzo which I think it actually a pretty hideous car. I'm not that hot on Ferrari's. They are too long and boxy for me. But the guy next to me is furiously Googling this car and trying to tell me it cost 2.9 million dollars. Which of course brings out my tard laugh. Mr S. wasn't sure which year it was, but he knew he'd never seen one before. But I think it's this years model. I'd say that definitely makes it bad ass. Still hideous. But - bad ass.

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