Monday, March 24, 2014

Yesterday Mr S. and I strolled up to the rental and found a note on the door. I braced myself a little for which ever neighbor was unhappy about whatever. Usually notes on the door are nasty grams. Turns out - it was from someone who wanted to rent the place. Which was super surprising. I've literally only told three people the about the house. My future property manager, my gardeners, and one realtor. Of course the neighbors know.

Inventory is really low, and I still have work to do - so I've been trying to keep it really low key. I'm just not sure when I'm going to be done - so I don't want the extra pressure.

The other interesting thing I can't figure out is - the realtor had two people who were looking for a place. He'd just sold both of their houses within blocks of the rental. Now they are wanting to rent back in the same neighborhood. The note on the door people also said they'd just sold their house within eye shot of the rental, and they also wanted to rent back. I wonder what that is about? Why sell if you are just trying to rent in the exact same neighborhood?

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