Thursday, March 27, 2014

My funny Obamacare story.

Since the recession I've gotten a whole lot pickier about who I want to spend time with. Before President Money Bags it was easy to ignore crazy stuff people believed. You could overlook a lot of things. They weren't affecting me to any degree. A lot of the crazy stuff they believed entertained me, honestly. Now I'm super selective because a whole lot of people are affecting me.

For example, I hold some really strong views on socialism. In a way, I was really born from the socialist utopia. My grandmother was on welfare her whole life. My mother was 14 years old when she had me. I still have family in government housing right this minute. I think it takes three generations to get off welfare. The old people you just write off. Honestly there is nothing you can do change their beliefs or education level. The next generation at least tries. And finally by the third generation if you are lucky - they escape. Yes, this is the background to my story. I have to tell you this because this particular story involves someone from my childhood. And you can kinda get an idea of the childhood and friends I had.

Before the recession she was doing really well. Super well. But the recession wiped out a lot of marriages. Now she is struggling. She works as a hairdresser. A self employed hairdresser. More about that in a second.

You saw my childhood right? Well my girlfriend from childhood was the biggest President Money Bags supporter ever. She was living right next to his taint she was so in love. My Aunt actually said he should be leader for "however long it takes". If I have time I'll try to dredge up that post. So... you can see how frustrated I was with them.

Yesterday I talked to my girlfriend who is now living in Seattle. As if she couldn't be douchier. She starts complaining to me about how she has to raise all of her prices because she is being hit with a 300 dollar a month Obamacare insurance plan. And she's really wanting me to follow her on the "can you believe this bandwagon". But I was having none of that. I'm actually not sure she will call me after it because first I told her this is what she voted for and that everyone has to pay.

She said she knows that everyone has to pay but she couldn't afford it. I told her we tried to warn them about this. Where she said - well, whatever - what we really need is socialised health care.

Now this is the kind of girl who doesn't own a TV. And gets all of her information from her hippy parents. Who I'm not even joking lived on a commune for a while. That was actually a thing when I was growing up. I've had two close friends who have lived on communes. Those people would not be my friends today. I don't care if you want to live on a commune, but forcing everyone else to kinda pisses me off. And that is essentially what Obamacare is. It's a commune for health care. Yet if I asked this girl to explain socialism - I bet you she couldn't.

Mr S. was actually in the car when I was having this conversation with her and overheard almost the whole thing. His response was - she thought she was going to get to sponge off everyone else, and now she realizes that old people are going to be sponging off of her and she doesn't like it. Honestly, right about now I'm not about letting them forget this was the choice they made. They can suck it.

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