Monday, March 03, 2014


When the pictures of werewolf cats starting making the rounds a couple of weeks ago I told Mr S. - oh... that sucks for you. You know I'm going to have to go to a cat show to see them. I mean, he sent me the pictures. He knew the risk.

Have I ever mentioned I don't like cats? And Mr S. is super allergic, so it's kinda funny that every once in a while I find myself at these shows. Dogs at least try to entertain you by driving kids cars (or human cars) , climbing trees, singing to babies, surfing. Dogs are evolving.

Cats don't care about you. If you died in your house, they probably wouldn't care until they were done eating you. You can tell by the dirty looks they give. See above. Cats are bred to look grumpy. Dogs are bred to look cute.

I didn't see any interesting cats though. Not even a serval which I saw one year. It had a giant billboard telling you what deeply needy pets they were. You can't go on vacation. They don't like sitters. They wreck your stuff.

In the same complex they had a home and garden show I wasn't interested in, but I was there - so we did a quick run through. There also wasn't anything interesting. Except Jose Eber had a booth which seemed super unusual. That is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for money. I was shocked the company was still alive. I haven't heard about him in at least 10 years. It also made me feel like your money doesn't go as far as you think it will. Jose Eber was so rich and popular when I was growing up. Mega rich. Having a booth at a free home and garden show doesn't make me think that is still true. It's why you see all these aged rockers come out of the woodwork about 20 years after their careers ended.

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