Thursday, March 06, 2014

The weird things companies do to survive.

This is only interesting (I think) if you live in California. Togo's has been around since I was a kid. As a sandwich shop. I haven't been to one in years. I thought they would die a long time ago, but like Radio Shack or Sears it clings to life.

I was sure when Mr Pickles started setting up shop everywhere it would finally be the end of them. But.... as you can see - they are trying out a new niche market. Coffee?

I don't really even get the logic. Sure, you might buy a sandwich if you're at Starbucks. You are already there. But buying coffee when you are picking a sandwich at Togo's? Maybe. I mean, probably not. They understand coffee - right? People are generally pretty particular about it no matter where in the coffee spectrum you are. Why would they go to Togo's over 7/11? They clearly are not going to put a dent in Starbucks.

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