Thursday, March 27, 2014

Today I almost decided to say screw it and move to Texas.

I'm almost at the carpet stage over at the rental. I'd been given a referral from my future property manager. When the guy showed up - I knew him. He was the guy who put carpet in that place when I was trying to sell it. He's also friends with Alpha Contractor - the guy who helped me gut that place. I didn't know the carpet guy very well, but Alpha Contractor I've known for a really long time.

I guess Alpha contractor is getting married and moving to Texas. Which I was happy about. At the same time internally I was like.... effing Texas got another one.

You see - it's super hard to be a conservative in California right now. Super hard! I'm not a religious conservative. I'm an atheist. Alpha contractor however was a religious conservative. Even so, he was one of the most honest guys I've ever met. And that is just generally. He was like a unicorn in the contracting field. Contractor has con right in the name!

Anyway....I haven't talked to him since the real estate crash. I wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to keep my shit honestly. There were some really dark days. I mean - years.

He will love Texas. I haven't nothing bad to say about the place. The kindest people live there. Sadly with my fair skin - Texas thought I was too delicious. Mostly what I remember was constantly being eaten by mosquito's. I have a really bad reaction. If it weren't for that - I'd definitely consider Texas again. I think they might have even worn me down enough to move. And I love The Valley.

My gawd you don't know how much I love BBQ. You know the mosquito problem was huge. There is water everywhere.

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