Wednesday, March 19, 2014

This is going to make inflation look way worse than it is.

Food inflation is going to be on a tear very, very soon. This is not due to monetary policy (money printing), but rather - the drought. Though the media will not be able to distinguish the difference. They will scream hyperinflation. Restaurants here are already starting to freak a little. I don't think we even have rain in the forecast until the 25th. And you can see from the vapor loop - even that is pretty anemic. The blue color is water. Behind that is a giant bubble of dry air. Maybe I'll post the other loop image later which shows it.

I decided to plant corn and tomatoes. Onions. And my strawberries made it through the winter even though it got to 21deg here for about a week. If I had cheese, I could probably live off just these things.


  1. 3 years ago I bought an extra freezer because I was afraid of the rising price of go d. While I didn't win our bet for the costco hot dog, I do gave chickens at .89 a lb. Hard to tell if I beat inflation after the electrcity, but I was able to bulk up on the holiday deals to keep me well fed all year. If the spike hits because of a drought, it feels good to know I have a year or two to wait it out. Df

  2. Well, I think I might have lost the Wii bet. So we are even. Right? Hahahahah. I forget our timeline. That system is pretty dead now though. ;)

    Seems like your area would just let you keep chickens. Why freeze them?

  3. With a pack of hounds the chickens wouldn't make it before dinner. Plus, we have a max 10 bird rule and no rooster law. I use the chickens to make homemade dog food so we go through a decent amount of them