Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tesla Inside?

I got this a few days ago. I was at a ramen restaurant pretty close to the Tesla factory. I wouldn't even have noticed it really, but the "Telsa Inside" sticker caught my eye because that is Intel's tag line. I'm surprised they don't get sued. Maybe it's different enough to stave the lawyers off. I know Telsa is working with Lexus, but I haven't seen them in Toyota's. I'm not even sure if this was built that way or retrofitted with Tesla batteries.


Anonymous said...

I also have a Toyota RAV4, and yes, it's Tesla inside, with powertrain and battery made by Tesla. Toyota did not want to invest in manufacturing for an all electric car, so they subcontracted the essentials to Tesla. However, it's only in CA, where major car manufacturers are required to sell an electric model, in order to be eligible to sell all their other vehicles in the state of CA.

she said: said...

Huh. That is really interesting. Thanks for commenting.

Do you know how limited the run was? I assume it was a fairly limited run since it's only available in CA.

Do you know if they still make them? If not - what years did they make them for? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

There were 2600 sold 2012-2014. that's all the drivetrains Toyota signed up for.

she_said said...

Oh, look at you. Thanks so much for that data!