Sunday, July 01, 2012

Halcyon Days.

Insomnia is getting the best of me the last couple of days. So I guess it's good I didn't have anything too interesting or taxing to see. So we went to the fair where I ate deep fried bacon.

And made jokes that those foot long corn dogs should be called stallion dogs. And I made fun of this bird.

And had an existential moment with this one. He was in love with me.

The loneliest people at the fair.

Infinity lights had a booth.


  1. Deep. Fried. Bacon. Wow. Do you have to sign a waiver before you can eat that?

  2. No. For now I'm still allowed to kill myself.

    Sadly, deep fried bacon doesn't taste as good as you'd think. It mostly tastes like tempura. I was trying to find my way to the deep fried cereal, but never could find it.

    If you saw the bricks of curly fries they were handing out! It would have made first lady money bags beside herself.